Derx's biography

Over the years the scene of electronic music brings to grow different talents and different musical varieties around the globe, from strength to strength within clubs and major festivals increasingly present and followed by an huge public.
All this of course does not go unnoticed in his eyes who at the age of 14 years, between the various school books, Derx begins to compose his first tunes and mixing the first records in his bedroom. Over the years the hobby becomes an obsession and his room more and more a recording studio until the first engagements in his hometown Turin and in the various Italian provinces, through which manages to impose its productions seeing them grow and perfect.
Looking for a musical refinement increasing wins qualifications regarding the sound engineer and music producer devoting all his time just now to the production of electronic music.
Fascinated mainly by a deep / electro / progressive house scene he realizes his music for Italian and international labels such as Blanco y Negro, Pyro, Enlight, N&R, Digital Empire and Dancera records in 2016/2017, maintaining increasingly growing its new public and contacts with DJ / Producer currently the focus attention today.
- DERX -